Planning Future - Acting Present

Entrepreneurial Succession

Separate Ownership from management.
Choose an internal manager or hire an external one. Plan a family succession.
Redesign the Board of Directors and the boundaries of delegations.
Define a new Corporate Vision. Confirm the Corporate Vision.
Choose between a family business or a managerial one.
The role of the founder. Changes in ownership structures.
It is necessary to understand the number of variables to control in order to transform threats into opportunities, instability into continuity, growth into value.

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Managerial Succession

Internal successor to be designated or external solution?
Participatory or hierarchical process management?
Confidential or open process management?
Consensus or hierarchical acceptance?
Scheduling a plan, detect threats and opportunities of a new leadership.

A succession phase abroad always presents different management variables from a local operation.
Define the strategy and action plan for the conservation, enhancement of human resources and corporate value.

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Change Management

Define the reasons for change. Imagine your company in evolution.
Prepare your organization for the change. Create a vision, adopt a strategy to activate change.
Communicate internally and externally. Engage influencers and decision makers.
Implement the action plan within your corporate culture.
Everything that works is already obsolete!

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Compensation & Benefit Analysis

It is extremely vital to create compensation strategies in the medium and long term, capable of allowing companies to have cohesive and strong teams. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to start this process is by evaluating the compensation through which it is possible to determine market values for company management.

Knowing the average compensation through the collection of information on a monthly basis and comparing it to the labor market offer is what enriches a company, especially when it operates in another country.

It is possible to correct or even improve arbitrary decisions that can create internal problems such as high staff turnover through data-based compensation systems.

It is absolutely fundamental to always have a current and updated benchmark in order to be competitive on the market.

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Management Relocation

Administrative and legislative skills, real estate market, cultural environment, school and health system are the “must” to achieve efficiency in company cost management through every step of a relocation experience.

A family that accompanies the manager is a crucial part of the relocation experience, because it supports the company project. A new environment to adapt to, new home, schools, knowledge of local health care and international gathering associations are fundamental for settling down to a new daily life.

Successfully relocating a manager to a foreign country is crucial to avoid negative impacts on the whole company.

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International Employer Branding planning

Designing and managing your company abroad or locally without:

  • Excessive and unwanted turnover of your management and staff;
  • Lack of digital presence and communication with the labor market;
  • Loss of competitiveness as "best place to work";
  • Excessive compensation as the only tool to face competition;
  • Wasting time and money on the Recruitment process.

Your excellent reputation, your company values, your vision and strategy are not always well known, especially when you have a project or an entity abroad.

Constant and systematic communication of your company is the key to becoming a stable “Best Place to Work”.

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