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Why an SME should hire an RPO?

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

An RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is an outsourcing service of the recruitment process that every kind of company can be able to benefit from, especially the small and medium enterprises.

In fact, young or not well-positioned companies, that want to grow fast, usually cannot afford to own an internal specialized HR department.

The outsourcing of the recruitment process meets this need.

A HR Consultancy company that offers an RPO solution could be an advantage for the SMEs for many reasons.

Firstly, hiring an external person or team that manages the company’s HR sector only for a limited amount of time can help reduce costs, due to the fact that the employees won’t have to take care of the HR department, having more time to dedicate on their specialized fields.

Secondly, by choosing an RPO solution a company delegates the HR management to experts of the field, who already know laws and regulations for practices and that own better tools, the cost of which will not fall on the company, therefore increasing the performance without generating additional expenses.

Lastly, thanks to its experience and its deep knowledge of the field, an HR Consultancy company that offers RPO solutions is more likely to select high quality candidates, to promote equal opportunities and diversity and to reduce the hiring process time, which is usually very long for an SME who does not have an internal HR department.

Therefore, this kind of solution is ideal to help these companies not to lose precious opportunities due to an overload of work.