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Webinars as a tool for an HR company

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

The search for talent is becoming more and more complex and the selection steps more intense. Due to that, it becomes essential, for those who take care of the human resources department of a company, to find and use new digital tools that help speeding up the process.

One of the tools that are spreading most rapidly in this area are webinars, educational or informative sessions whose participation takes place remotely through an internet connection.

Webinars can have multiple purposes. For instance, they can be used by HR managers to gather, all together, the candidates selected based on their CV, so that they can explain in detail what the job position is.

In fact, job descriptions aren’t always exhaustive enough for those who want to apply. Once again, during a webinar, the HR manager has the opportunity to provide more specific information. Candidates have the opportunity to intervene and submit their questions regarding the position, so as to have a complete overview of the role they could play.

But that’s not all: for a company that operates globally and that is looking for resources on an international scale, webinars are a highly strategic tool, as they allow candidates to participate from anywhere in the world.

At this point, the person is fully aware of everything that concerns the position offered by the company and can therefore make a conscious decision on their future.

This instrument facilitates the selection of resources that will be more encouraged to continue in the recruitment process and less inclined to reject the job offer, as they are already informed and aware of every aspect regarding the role they are applying for.

This kind of solution guarantees the recruitment of high-potential talents who are extremely motivated, thus ensuring the company a significant return on investment and job retention.

Due to these reasons, every company should be aware of the importance that a digital and technological approach can have within HR processes, especially after the global pandemic. This way, the Talent Acquisition Process will be accelerated, thus leading the company to save money and time.