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TIM, Temporary Innovation Manager

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

How many times have you heard of the digital age, that of continuous transformations, innovation, the continuous flow of information, the era of new trends that inspire individuals to improve themselves?. In short, the era in which we live.

In a context of this kind, companies all over the world, especially with the spread of the pandemic, have begun to take measures that could meet the new technological needs.

While this process had already begun some time ago for large companies, it was not easy for many SMEs.

At the moment, in fact, small and medium-sized enterprises have mobilized and are continuing to do so, to achieve technological and innovative efficiency that leads them to acquire a competitive advantage and which, above all, avoids failure. Without an IT infrastructure, business continuity cannot be guaranteed.

For many SMEs, not having the same budget as large multinationals is a critical issue. They also need solid resources to push towards innovation, however some of these do not have the opportunity to digitize and innovate their company.

Specifically, there is a professional figure that meets these new needs,  it’s the Temporary Innovation Manager (TIM).

A TIM is a highly qualified manager, who is entrusted with the management of business innovation for a specified period of time and with the pursuit of specific objectives. The task of a TIM is to guide small and medium-sized companies, but also larger ones, towards a path of digitization and innovation.

Innovation management focuses on big data, marketing automation, robotics, cloud computing and everything that can push a company to change, directing it towards Industry 4.0 and, consequently, optimizing its internal processes.

TIM gives another important advantage, namely that of educating and training company personnel, making them independent and capable of carrying out new tasks independently even without their supervision.

Affordable costs, high-level skills, corporate transformation and innovation, improvement of staff skills, all this and much more

The figure of the Temporary Innovation Manager can make companies acquire a great advantage leading not only to a process of change, transformation and business innovation; but also to an improvement in the skills of the staff, who can thus be trained on these issues.