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The Temporary CFO

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

The temporary manager, a high-profile figure halfway between a consultant and a company director, is becoming a solution that many companies are relying on.

The administration of a company takes a lot of time, therefore it cannot be only managed by the entrepreneur, who should, instead, focus on forecasting the market trends.

In this type of context a much in demand professional figure fits in: the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who, due to his knowledge in the economic & financial field and to his wide experience, represents a modern solution regarding crisis resolutions as well as company development and growth.

Finance, in fact, plays a necessary role in a company, but it needs techniques and experience to avoid mistakes that could be difficult to repair.

The Financial Director deals with everything that regards the financial activities administration, basing their intervention on actual needs and limiting costs.

This way, small businesses that cannot afford to permanently hire a CFO in their company, can benefit from the help and experience of this figure too.

By using tools like business plans and feasibility analysis, the CFO points out the company’s real needs and then he/she develops, plans and monitors strategies that aim to solve financial problems or to promote the growth of the company.

A temporary CFO represented in many cases the safety net for small companies that could not permanently own this kind of figure due to a lack of budget and that this way were risking to lose opportunities or to fail.

Having a manager always available for short periods of time, when the company actually needs it, made this kind of solution particularly effective and popular in different contexts.