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The Story of Success of Michele Pastorino, BASF Project Manager

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FMA Storytelling – The Story of Success of Michele Pastorino, BASF Project Manager.

Interview to an unstoppable talent of engineering.


Michele Pastorino is a young but exceptionally talented Project Manager for BASF, chemical worldwide leader company. His profile distinguishes itself for one factor: his enthusiasm. Michele Pastorino is without any doubt a hardworking person with a strong spirit of initiative and positive attitude, as it demonstrates his impressive rising path within BASF, for which he performed multiple jobs that required extremely specific skills and knowledge of engineering.

Michele Pastorino graduated in Chemical and Process Engineering cum laude at Genova University and he later on followed his experience with a research internship and thesis on molecular catalysis at Eindihoven University. Thereafter, he did not lose any time and participated to the Young Graduates’ Program of BASF, company that he stayed with for almost five years now.

FMA contacted Michele in order to have more information on how to transform a passion for engineering in a dynamical and successful career.


Goodmorning Michele, thank you for your time! We would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding the Young Graduates’ Program of BASF, since we know that it was the springboard of your career.

  • Why did you decide to participate to Young Graduates’ Program of BASF? Did you already know the company and what did you expect from this experience? Were your hopes satisfied once you finally finished the project?
    Once I finished university, I had the desire to participate to one of these programs for young professionals offered by many multinationals in Italy. Clearly, for a chemical engineer, BASF is one of the top companies to aspire to work for, and in the very moment I found the add of Young Graduates’ Program, I immediately thought that it was the right occasion and that I could not lose it. Although I had other job proposals from other chemical companies in Italy, I decided to put them aside and started working for BASF. My expectations were not deceived! The working environment is stimulating and the working team international and diverse. I believe it is a unique experience for a person that has just graduated from university. After five years I can say that I would definitely do it again!
  • What would you advice to a person that participates to BASF’s Young Graduates’ Program? What should a young graduate do if he/she intends to propose himself/herself as a Junior Project Engineer that requires highly specialized knowledge? Which topics should he/she revise in order to perform well during the interview?
    Firstly, I would advice to be yourself, try to fight anxiety – that is completely physiological -and to show how much you have studied during your student years. As for the interview itself, I would say do not repeat any specific topic, because they are way too many. Try instead to reflect and focus on what they are asking you. No one is going to ask you a specific formula or to demonstrate that you can find the solution to a problem. You have to rather find the solution to an unknown problem through critical analysis, that should be of course guided by good reasoning and deep knowledge of multiple subjects.
  • Which skills and qualities do you believe you acquired and developed during you career within BASF? We know that you started as a Junior Project Engineer and now after 5 years you are in charge of the management of the whole working team as a Project Manager. How can you describe your job? Which are the peculiarities, and would you define it as a more individual or team-work activity?
    Certainly, the main skill that I developed is to work outside my comfort zone; this is also thank to my YGP path, because it gave me the possibility to work in different areas and functions that I usually do as a chemical engineer. I acquired a different point of view!
    The role of Project Manager is different and challenging, and for this reason it became a passion of mine. I found myself many times to confront with many different areas of the site, starting from the productive personnel and arriving up to the Management level. For this reason, I think it is one of the most educational and satisfying roles within the company! I get to deal with different managerial and technical issues, and I could never be bored of it!
  • Looking at your curriculum vitae, one thing is sure: you are constantly moving! What are your plans for the future? What would you like to say to a person who aspires to be a Project Manager in the future?
    I don’t have any defined plan for the future, I have never had. I don’t want to have limits on my sight and, therefore, I stay opened to the opportunities that a company such as BASF offers, and I must say that, until now, I was never disappointed!
    What I want to say to a young graduate is that if you are full of enthusiasm, desire to do many things, and possess creativity, this company is the right one for you. This is the right path to take!

We thank Michele Pastorino for the great interview and we wish him all the best for this bright future!

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