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The Story of Success of Alessandra Cantone, BASF Engineer

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FMA Storytelling – The story of success of Alessandra Cantone, BASF Engineer.
Interview with a woman that makes us proud.
Alessandra Cantone is currently Logistic Asset & Process Specialist for BASF, company for which she works with enthusiasm since 2019. Her experience is marked by deep and constant effort but also by success, since she represents a young woman who is building up a brilliant career inside a chemical worldwide- leader company. In addition to this, Alessandra Cantone breaks gender stereotypes. Differently from what we may think, in fact, the most outstanding and promising students of STEM disciplines are not exclusively men. Alessandra Cantone graduated with honours in chemical engineering at University of Palermo, after that she began her working experience in BASF.
We had the great opportunity to discuss with the engineer in order to have an idea on how to build a position of success starting from projects such as the Young Graduates’ Program of BASF, promoted by Future Manager. Good morning Alessandra, thank you very much for the interview. We would like to ask you some questions to have a direct story of your incredible rising path to success within BASF.
  • Let us start by talking about how you started your experience as engineer for such a big chemical company as BASF.  What pushed you to engage with the Young Graduates’ Program of BASF?  How did the selection phase start and from which elements did you realize that it was suitable for your needs of professional development?
    I heard about Young Graduates’ Program during my university period, while attending an event in which chemical enterprises meet students and introduce them to the professional world. Since the beginning, I was deeply impressed by BASF’s mission and by the interest demonstrated in young graduates. I thought that the project was a unique opportunity in order to exit the personal comfort zone and to challenge oneself. So, once I obtained by master degree in Chemical Engineering, I send my cv and I applied for one position of the program. At the first interview, in Cesano Maderno, I confronted myself with other 11 young colleagues as enthusiastic and determined as I was. It was extremely motivating and I understood that BASF is the ideal company to work for.
  • What can you tell us about the mobility period of the program? Was it mostly positive or negative? In which sites of BASF were you sent and what did you get from the development of the projects you worked with your team?
    The mobility that characterizes Young Graduates’ Program was an extremely positive experience! Changing sites, projects, and roles within a year allowed me to professionally grow and build my own company network, that is now both national and international.
    After three months in Cesano Maderno, in which I am currently doing the Logistic Asset & Project Specialist, I worked in Treviso and Pontecchio Marconi as well, developing respectively one project in the production field and another one in the digitization area. The months spent during the mobility were highly educational and formed me as a person. The months that I spend in Veneto were so intense and educational because I observed a different productive reality and collaborated daily with operators of that site. I developed many technical skills and improved my communication skills, creating a set of tools that is still my point of reference today. It is a treasure that I keep appreciating!
    In Pontecchio Marconi I acquired more self-awareness of my role inside of BASF: the project of digitization and company procedures allowed me to interact with many colleagues both in Italy and abroad. I deepened fundamental skills that are the basis for my professional growth.
    In both cases I had the luck to reach goals that I had fixed and to observe them fully implemented. The results of my commitment made me proud and gave me the right motivation to pursue a career in distribution site of BASF in Cedano Maderno.
  • Here in Italy, we are used to a pessimistic storytelling of labour market, that is partially confirmed by data and statistics. Italy does not invest enough in young graduates, especially in women, nor it values employees at the first stages of their career. However, there are some exceptions. During your career, especially at the beginning of it, did you feel appreciated? 
    I believe I am an exception! Since the very beginning I felt respected and valued by all the HR personnel and by my tutors of projects that I developed. I was always evaluated based on my skills and results obtained and I was never afraid to express and share my ideas. My path inside BASF was marked by feedback culture and continuous confrontation. This environment allowed me to think deeply about my role within BASF and how to constantly improve my job in order to reach a company common goal.
  • What would you tell a young graduate that is willing to start a successful career?
    My advice is to follow your goals with enthusiasm and determination, and not to be discouraged by difficulties that inevitably we encounter during our lives and during our job-search. It is important to know how to be noticed, as well as to find a company that can offer you a career path that is in line with your ambitions. I wish all young graduates the luck that I had!
We thank Alessandra Cantone for her brillant story and we wish her all the best for her future!


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