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The “Sacrificed Generation” Fears Professional Downgrading

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Hearing the sound of the last bell has never been so much uncomfortable as it was for last year’s graduates, not to mention the most recent graduates who, operating in smart working, have not even had this chance. For these young people who are on the verge of entering the job market the weight of the crisis caused by the onset of COVID-19 is a lot perceived.

According to a survey carried out by the magazine L’Étudiant, over 82% of students say they are moderately worried (45.6%) or very worried (37%) about their integration into working life. Furthermore, pursuant to a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), one in six young people is actually unemployed. These data are clear evidence of how the virus and the consequent forced imprisonment have negatively affected job offers, greatly reducing the amount of new hires.

The feeling that many young people have is therefore that of having to pay a very heavy price for this crisis, so much so that such a low number of offers pushes many of them to review their professional careers, often lowering their job expectations.

A professional downgrading when compared to the skills acquired during the years of study, which is why a large number of students will enter the labor market with a job whose level of qualification is lower than what their degree should guarantee.

The testimonies of the guys are many: some say they saw the opportunity to sign the first contract fade the day before the hypothetical hiring, others have temporarily suspended the trial period without having any reimbursement of expenses, others still decide to contact to temporary employment agencies to be supported in the search for permanent employment.

Many of those who find themselves in a sort of working limbo turn to Business Schools that often offer funded courses aimed at those who do not have a job, so as to provide valid certifications that can constitute a plus when the individual will submit the application to any company.

The situation appears to be alarming, but experts agree that there is a gap between the concerns of young graduates and the real situation on the employment front. Obviously some sectors are more affected than others, but it is hoped that structural changes will take place in the labor market where the most qualified young people will still be competitive and will be offered valid job placement proposals.