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The Power of Ethical Leadership

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Ethics is a requirement that a company cannot fail to possess anymore. It is true that the practical demonstration of the level of ethics of a company is manifested through strategic decisions taken by its members, however, the behavior of the individuals who work there cannot be ignored.

First and foremost, the leader who, as such, has a duty to pave the way towards commonly accepted moral standards.

The difference between a boss and a leader lies precisely in the fact that the latter takes the responsibility of guiding, orientating and setting an example for all his employees. The modus operandi of a CEO, for example, has an extremely significant impact both on the company’s operations and on its ability to attract new talents.

There are some tiny measures that a good manager should put into practice: first he/she should be inspiring in promoting open and collaborative communication. Second, he should clearly explain what the company’s values ​​are (both with possible new employees and with those already consolidated). Third, he should recruit collaborators who share these same values ​​and finally he should always try to do the right thing even if at times it may seem unpleasant. Not easy operations but possible!

Various testimonies bring to light an unpleasant truth, namely the fact that at least once in the life of a manager it happened that he had to act against his own code of ethics, if not even having to circumvent the laws. This is nothing more than proof of the need to appreciate and enhance companies that make their code of ethics an essential element in building “Value”.

Fortunately, in this regard many things are changing in all businesses.

Therefore, for the CEO himself investing in personal and collective ethics is a strategic decision, with a certain ROI for himself and even more so for the company he leads.