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The Benefits of Virtual Job Fairs

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

The spread of the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital tools in the candidates’ selection. However, even before this critical moment in history, it was already widely digitized. It cannot be excluded that the selection methods of the future will also follow the trail of digital innovation and change.

Among the tools largely adopted in this period, the Virtual Job Fairs, also known as Virtual Hiring Events, emerge. They have been implemented for years in company strategies aimed at recruitment.

These new generation events have actually been on the rise for years thanks to their ease of access and because they avoid any loss of time and money for all those participants who, to conduct the interview, have to pay high transport costs and undergo many hours of travel.

By not having to follow a rigid scheme at a space-time level, they allow multiple talents from different regions or nations to connect to the event and take part in it. The convenience of these events also concerns the available tools: depending on the needs of the company and the candidates, they can connect to virtual fairs via any type of mobile device provided. This allows an agile participation in the selections, as well as a high economic saving for both human resources managers and candidates.

Even for companies that need to fill available job vacancies, Virtual Hiring Events represent an effective and convenient instrument. They allow businesses to relate in a short time with a large number of talents and, clearly, getting in touch with a larger pool of candidates automatically translates into a higher probability of finding the right resource for the team.

Thanks to this type of events, the company also has the opportunity to sponsor and promote its brand, creating a considerable competitive advantage. In fact, the organisation of trade shows and virtual events involves a careful and well-designed advertising and marketing campaign, which aims to attract as many candidates as possible, make an “audience” and strengthen the so-called corporate brand awareness.