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Talent Management and Sustainability

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Author: Future Manager Research Center 

To be successful in an era of fierce competition like the present one, it is essential that a company rely on sound management systems and ethical values. If talents are considered essential strategic resources that make a difference, then it is precisely on the management of the latter that organizations must work with constancy and attention.

Although most modern companies have very specific practices regarding the management of their talents, what makes the difference in the new global landscape is having awareness of the link between talent and sustainability. Sustainability is in fact the new watchword that becomes a winning weapon when it is combined with the optimization of internal human capital resources. Without a synergy between these two seemingly distant worlds, it would be very difficult for companies to reach their full potential for talent.

The sustainability of talent can be summed up with the ability of an organization to continuously attract, develop and retain people with the skills and commitment necessary for current and future organizational success. However, dealing with talent management does not only mean thinking about the organizational aspect, instead it also means taking care of the needs and expectations of employees, ensuring the balance of human relationships.

Given the multiplicity of aspects to be taken into consideration, the new frontier of talent requires a continuous optimization of HR programs and the enhancement of diversity. The companies that are most attractive to a talent today are those that see their employees as individuals and not just as a medium through which to make a profit. This means knowing how to deal with those who are not interested in a traditional work relationship, but who wish to enter an environment that is ready to welcome a proactive talent, with innovative ideas, valid skills but, at the same time, with personal needs for which you can find a meeting point.

Do not think that these are concepts that are so very abstract, I am talking about small possible daily needs that can present themselves to each of us in our daily life: let’s not forget, in fact, that today’s society is dotted with families whose members are often overburdened with commitments. This is why a company that takes these aspects into account will be much more attractive to the best talents on the market.

But who are responsible for the sustainability of talents within companies? The truth is that talent management in this sense is not solely attributable to the leaders or the HR team. This is a commitment that must be shared by all members of an organization whose collective effort is crucial for the proper functioning of the corporate ecosystem.