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Revolutionizing the Company through Digital HR

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

In the past, the relationship between European companies and digitization has always been quite fluctuating. It must not have been easy to keep up with new technologies and digital methodologies, especially for the more conservative who are used to working “the old-fashioned way”.

However (and the recent pandemic is proof of this), the need to get closer and closer to the digital world is now essential for those who want to continue to be competitive in the business world. This process is underway and it will take further years to settle.

For these reasons, the managerial figure of Digital HR is increasingly acquiring a key role in the corporate design of the largest companies, proposing a brand new digital mindset. He is one of the main proponents of business transformation, carrying out functional activities such as being responsible for communication, managing personnel, stimulating productivity, monitoring leave and absences or undertake recruitment campaigns.

These professional figures must be extremely flexible and proactive, they should possess skills in data analysis, marketing, economics and much more. In short, they should be a sort of “hasher” of the company. The intervention of a Digital HR takes industrial processes to a new level and digital technology improves connectivity, compatibility and collaboration, making the company more productive and efficient than ever.

Obviously, a Digital HR cannot be left alone in managing this huge change process of a company, indeed it is extremely important that the leaders of each company (whether small or large) prepare and follow all other employees so that they understand the need to welcome this transformation that involves them in their entirety with positivity and optimism. The support of a CEO is essential because, in the end, it is evident that it is not only a concrete and tangible change, but also a great cultural change.