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Recruitment Process Outsourcing: the right Tool to establish a new Normal

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Living in a scenario that, due to COVID-19, many define as almost “apocalyptic” for the business world, the need to look at change is perceived more and more every day. Trivially, even a child is aware of the fact that if something does not work it has to be repaired or changed: in the HR field, those who deal with RPO have found themselves having to move towards new recruiting models.

It is certainly a period of crisis which, however, does not affect businesses and activities in the same way. There are companies that have drastically reduced their workforce (and there are many), others that have not stopped hiring or others that are even increasing the number of their new employees. In this sense, outsourcing allows them to structure or restructure their talent acquisition processes. All this could be done by reconfiguring the communication between clients and candidates in order to constitute (to quote the title of the podcast where Future Manager is protagonist) a “new normal”.

For most companies with a strong global vocation, the use of outsourcing is a daily occurance. If before the pandemic, however, RPO was based on the principle “we are able to guarantee you a resource that can operate on site in direct contact with the HR department of the client company”, now instead the exact same service must be guaranteed, when possible, remotely.

This change has frightened and confused many who, for fear of not being able to fill all the vacancies, have turned to different agencies that provide the outsourcing service at the same time to carry out their recruitment processes.

However, carrying out operations of this kind, only risks making more confusion than there is already. In this regard, the concept of “globality” returns to the field again, in fact only RPO providers that make internationality their strong point are able to guarantee excellent results on a global scale, since they are already accustomed to the use of all those technologies that shorten distances. The crux of the matter is precisely this: it would be enough to rely on one and only one consultancy agency that is familiar with cross-border operations to remedy the situation.

Clearly being excellent always, however and everywhere is a difficult challenge in which, however, RPO services can be a powerful ally.