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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #2

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Author: Future Manager Research Center


Why you need to focus on developing a new manager leadership New managers will always be the future power for a country and an enterprise.

As a leader, when paying attention to the mainstay of an enterprise, it should pay more attention to the development of young managers. For the long-term development of the company, it is a must for every company to cultivate the leadership of new managers.

Creating a positive work environment.
The key factor driving employee engagement is making them proud of the company they work for.
You need to maintain a positive working attitude and treat employees with respect.

This will not only allow the company to maintain a positive working environment, but also increase young managers loyalty.
Not only do they like to work long hours at the company, but they also want to stay longer inside the company and become part of the company.

In the same time even if “Delegation is not Abdication”, senior managers should learn to delegate tasks.
So job of a manager is to figure out how to delegate tasks effectively. Giving a Young Manager more responsibilities will make them feel that they are an important part of the company.

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