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Fashion and Engineering: Two Opposite Worlds colliding

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

In the years of digital transformation, where there is a very high competitiveness at an international level and a continuous increase in customer expectations, the fashion industry has revolutionized its traditional schemes.

The figure of the fashion engineer developed and now, unlike a simple fashion designer, they take care of the more technical aspects of the work, going beyond the design of clothing.

In fact, a fashion engineer applies engineering notions to the fashion field in relation to the design, production and maintenance of manufacturing textile products, as well as to machinery and indispensable tools in the sector.

Furthermore, this professional figure deals with market research aimed at identifying global trends that can be developed in the fashion field.

Today, more and more emphasis is placed on issues related to sustainability and digital revolution, so even the fashion engineers have moved accordingly. This is not surprising when you think about the fact that the fashion world is made up of continuous innovations, revolutions and races against time to be unique and original. Here these professionals must necessarily keep up with the latest trends.

An example of a project that links engineering and fashion in a context of digital sustainability is summarized in the case study involving two Italian companies.

The first is a company that designs and manufactures clothing lines for the world’s most prestigious brands. The second is a group specialized in the engineering field. Together they committed themselves to developing a solution that could guarantee the traceability and sustainability of products in the clothing sector.

With the Ethereu Blockchain technology, users can scan the QR code on the label of the garment to track information on its production, quality control and sustainability.

With this innovative project, the two companies meet the needs of social and environmental responsibility and try to fight counterfeiting in the fashion field, ensuring transparency to consumers on the production processes and materials of the products sold.

This kind of partnerships demonstrates the need, born with digital transformation, globalization and the sustainable trend, of engineering applications in different fields as opposed to the traditional ones, to achieve both development and innovation goals.