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Engineers’ Role in Sustainable Development

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

Environmental sustainability, an individual and collective commitment to the pursuit of a common ecological objective, has been at the center of everyone’s attention for several years now.

If at first it was considered as a cost that a company could not afford to take, it is now common belief that sustainability is more of an opportunity for development and growth.

The public sensitivity on this topic led to the birth of new needs and, therefore, of new professional figures.

In this context, engineers are particularly relevant, due to the fact that engineering activities are fundamental in our society and their processes and systems keep deeply affecting the environment.

Meeting new needs and considering the importance of engineers in this field, engineering sustainability was born, and it had rapidly taken hold in the recent years, becoming more and more in demand.

“Green” engineering consists of the integration of sustainability inside the main engineering applications in order not to compromise the environment.

To make this approach work, sustainability must be studied and included into every specialization and engineering aspect.

In fact, a green engineer must know how to use resources in a way not to compromise the environment or to exhaust natural materials for future generations and, beyond their own specialization, need to make a commitment by considering the environment and the ecosystem in its fullness.

While managing a project, this figure must consider the environmental impact of it, keeping implementing their knowledge and being always updated on new technologies in the field and on market trends in their countries and abroad.

The inclusion of eco-sustainable responsibility in every engineering field could surely have a positive impact on the environment, increasing everyone’s quality of life and contributing to the achievement of a greener future.